Rules of Engagement in the Online DI


With our move to have an online version of the Dissertation Institute, there are some guidelines and rules of engagement for us to make the most out of this experience.


We will be conducting our Dissertation Institute through zoom. We will send you the invitation later. There will be a moderator and a facilitator in each workshop. We will have approx. 25 participants.

  • Turn on your video: It would help the presenters to assess the audience engagement, make the workshops and working group sessions more interactive, facial expressions matter!, you can also help by displaying your name and last name in the meeting window.

  • Mute your microphone when you are not talking: To avoid echo-noise and background-noise.

  • Stay seated and present: Every single workshop is purposefully designed to support your doctoral progress, we invite you to the DI because we consider that it will be meaningful to you. If you decide to succumb to the temptation of checking your email, web browsing, or simply disengage, you might miss out key information or the opportunity to ask an important question.

  • Be on time: We promise to start and end the sessions according to the times on the agenda. For safety, a we will have you in a waiting room until the moderator give you access to the workshops, so please connect a few minutes earlier.

  • Dress appropriately: Like one of our speakers use to say, “Don’t call it graduate studies, call it graduate work”. Put yourself in “work” mode and treat the DI as a working meeting, be comfortable but not too casual (i.e., not on your pj’s).   

  • Asking questions: We will have workshops where the facilitator would prefer to have questions at the end of their presentation, and others where they prefer to have questions during the workshop. To avoid unexpected interruptions, follow these guidelines:

  • Make a visual cue or write in the chat that you have a question. Because it will not be easy for the presenter to see all participants at the same time, the moderator will help to signal the facilitator that you have a question.

  • You can also write the question in the chat. At the right moment, the moderator will prompt you to turn on your mic and ask the question.

  • To avoid distraction, please don’t use the chat other than for asking a question. Unless that is prompted by the facilitator or moderator.

  • We want the workshops to be interactive, so please don’t let these rules to intimidate you or unmotivate you to ask questions. Every question and comment is important, but in a virtual setting sometimes is difficult to balance order and engagement.

  • After each workshop, you will be asked to fill an evaluation survey.

Materials, notes and other information will be shared through our webpage